Bridge piercing

 General features of bridge piercing. Bridge is one of the most dangerous kinds of piercing. The main reason of it is that if the piercing is unsucce...

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Bridge piercing.

Piercing septum

Pros and cons of septum piercing. Septum piercing is one of the most unusual kinds of nose piercings. It is the piercing of nasal septum either under ...

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Piercing septum.

Cheek piercing

Cheek piercing as an unusual way of body decoration. Piercing is one of the most ancient ways to decorate the body. In our time it is very popular amo...

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Cheek piercing.

Nose piercings

General information on the nose piercing. In some eastern countries nose piercing is an important element of cultural traditions. In our country this ...

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Nose piercings.

Body piercings

The concept of body piercings. Piercing is the kind of body modifications, making a pinhole, where one wears a decoration. The concept of “piercing...

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Body piercings.

Navel piercing

Tips for navel piercing. Modern young people make piercing on all possible parts of the body. Let’s talk over one of the modern piercing kinds- nave...

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Navel piercing.

Daith piercing

The uncommonness of daith piercing. No one knows, how and who struck the idea to make ear piercing, but this action was widely adopted by different cu...

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Daith piercing.

Piercing oreille

Guidelines for piercing Oreille. In our time ear piercing, even in non-standard place, doesn’t surprise anyone. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most...

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Piercing oreille.

Piercing tragus

The advantages of tragus piercing. Piercing tragus is very popular in our time. While 20 years ago it wasn’t very common, now most beauty salons off...

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Piercing tragus.

Labret piercing

The peculiarities of labret piercing. Labret piercing is known since the ancient times. At that time it was the attribute of different rituals and cer...

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Labret piercing.